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Working within the field of healthcare with an MBA degree opens doors to a variety of career opportunities in the medical and business spectrum. You might find yourself working in a hospital as a Hospital Administrator, or you could venture into the world of psychology and work in a position as a Counseling Psychologist or […]

MBA careers involve a number of industries and positions within those industries, but each of these roles have similarities that all MBA students are required to possess, including management, organization, and problem solving skills. Although each of these elements has its uses within business fields, problem solving has quickly become one asset that employees and […]

Healthcare managers work in various positions within the medical industry including hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, insurance firms, continuing care homes, public health, and even as private consultants. Qualified candidates for this position must be organized and be able to implement high quality leadership skills in order to manage personnel, monitor policy, design and deliver budgets and […]

As an MBA graduate in the field of healthcare there are many opportunities for employment within a highly successful and constantly growing industry. If you have good management skills and a background in business, finances, or healthcare then you might succeed in jobs such as Research and Development Business Manager, Healthcare Service Director of Program […]

Some Of The Hottest Healthcare Management & Administration Fields For 2015 Healthcare is an industry that will continue to grow and thrive even when a country goes through an economic downturn. And, when the economy settles down again, the rate of hiring new professionals is alarming. Added to this is the fact that we have […]

As a pharmaceutical product manager, you will be responsible for the coordination and overseeing of every element of medical products. This starts with funding new research to advertising new products to the market. This means that, in order to excel in this job, you will not only have to be a managerial expert, but also […]

Research and Development Business Managers play a hugely important role in society today. Their role is to administer, plan and review programs and activities within an organization. The importance of this job is reflected in the salary as well, which averages at $120,141 per year. The top 10% actually earn $152,718 and above. Salaries vary […]

Hospital Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) have the responsibility of making sure that entire medical facilities run properly from a financial point of view. Their role is highly multifaceted and incredibly responsible. Becoming a hospital CFO, understandably therefore, is not something that happens over night. Let’s take a look at the 5 steps to becoming a […]

Hospital administrators look at everything that makes the hospital for which they work function properly. They tend to have a background that has a foot in healthcare and a foot in business as well. It is very rare for hospital administrators not to hold a master’s degree at the very least. For some, this is […]

If you want to lead in the field of healthcare, for instance in a medical clinic, hospital or medical office, then you may want to study towards an MBA with a healthcare specialization. Those who have completed this degree have a hugely important role to play in the field of healthcare, as they are the […]

Health care leadership is the rising star of the business industry, and has fast become one of the hottest career paths across the country. With the economy constantly in battle to hold its own, much of the business world has found itself falling on hard times and many Americans have lost jobs over the past […]

Although entry level positions pay you entry level wages, choosing the right career path can guarantee you a certain level of salary once you reach the top. The healthcare industry certainly qualifies as one industry that can bring you some great financial advantages. Of course, there are qualifications other than salary to justify what makes […]

Healthcare management and healthcare administrators are creating a huge impact on the business world, and having an MBA with a focus on healthcare is your ticket to entering this industry; it’s also your ticket to being within the top 10% of earnings for management positions in the medical field. Whether you’re looking to explore the […]

It may come as a shock for some people to learn that the healthcare industry, a 2.26 trillion dollar industry, is struggling to fill positions across the country. With so many new roles constantly opening up for those trained in healthcare and business, especially for students with some form of clinical experience, the healthcare MBA […]