50 Excellent MBA In Healthcare Degree Careers

Working within the field of healthcare with an MBA degree opens doors to a variety of career opportunities in the medical and business spectrum. You might find yourself working in a hospital as a Hospital Administrator, or you could venture into the world of psychology and work in a position as a Counseling Psychologist or Art Therapist. Some graduates of MBA healthcare degrees embrace the academic experience and decide to stay in the school system as a University Faculty Member, School Guidance Counselor, or even Daycare Organizer. The choice that you make will likely rely heavily on the coursework you’ve completed and your previous experience in the business world.

Home Therapy Teacher

As a Home Therapy Teacher you could enter the homes of children with disabilities, such as blindness or severe hearing loss, and coach parents on guiding their children through educational practices to keep them learning at the same level as other children.

Career Placement Advisor

If you enjoy helping others and have a strong knowledge of the occupational world then you might want to pursue a position as a Career Placement Advisor, helping people find jobs.

Speech Pathologist

Working as a Speech Pathologist, you will work with children and adults who have severe hearing damage, have had cochlear implant surgery, or who have speech impediments to help advance their level of oral communication.

Claims Supervisor

If you enjoy working in the realm of insurance then you might choose the career path of a Claims Supervisor which will allow you to work closely with patients and medical practices.

Patient Resources and Reimbursement Agent

As a Patient Resources and Reimbursement Agent you will work closely with patients to determine whether or not they are eligible to receive financial assistance from the government for healthcare and medical coverage.

Job Analyst

If you pursue a career as a Job Analyst you will work in close quarters with Human Resources to organize and research occupations and career descriptions and how they relate to workers within those fields. You may also provide full descriptions of what each employee within a certain company contributes, and share this information with management teams.

Loan Officer

Working with banks and other financial institutions you will specialize in analyzing and assessing the creditworthiness of medical institutions for loans.

Market Research Analyst

A Market Research Analyst is a financial researcher who systematically gathers and records of both quantitative and qualitative data regarding products and services and their marketing. This is to identify how elements of these marketing campaigns cause an impact on consumer behavior.

Church Group Organizer

Non-profit groups and charitable foundations embrace team activities and require the help of organizers to put together activities, events, and other meeting types. One of the most popular roles of group organizer is found within the church.

Veterans Contact Representative

A Veterans Contact Representative works within a Veterans Service Center and explains benefits and criteria of entitlement as well as inputting data necessary to generate awards for veterans. In this role you would gather evidence, adjust claims and conduct interviews to find specific reasons why veterans should receive financial assistance.

Organizational Community Worker

Within this position you would work within a community to organize projects like consumer problem surveys, and discussion groups while promoting the civic responsibilities of the group. You might also investigate problems within the community or with individuals within an assigned group who might be having difficulties due to disabilities.

Vocational Rehabilitation

If somebody suffers an injury in their place of work a Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant becomes involved in processing a return to work plan that fits the injured party’s specific needs. Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants also work with people on leave from work due to long and short term disability issues.
Health Policy Analyst

Working as a Health Policy Analyst you will work on the evaluation and development of strategies to improve the delivery system within the healthcare industry. Some of these roles are involved in government agencies and regulate the financing of health services.

Volunteer Coordinator

As a Volunteer Coordinator you will coordinate the recruitment, supervision, retention, and training or volunteers within an organization. Your job entails orientating volunteers so that they understand their role in the organization as far as patients and services go.

Database Administrator

System development, monitoring, and improvement, as well as development and design of a company’s database is the role of a Database Administrator. It requires planning for future expansion as well as security implementation.

Customer Service Supervisor

A Customer Service Supervisor within a healthcare industry monitors and schedules customer service in patient relations fields. Whether this be through the patient and physician relations department or as a separate entity within the hospital or medical facility.

Technical Analyst

A Technical Analyst analyzes investments based on previous technical indicators and prices within the market. Future price predictions are made based on past trading patterns and short term price movement possibilities.


Within the healthcare industry there’s plenty of room for brave innovators with MBA degrees ready to start their own line of products or services to introduce to the medical world. Entrepreneurs are leaders in many facets of multiple industries and make the lives of patients and doctors easier by introducing new equipment and drugs.

Healthcare Consultant

A Healthcare Consultant is hired to design and deliver services to hospitals and healthcare facilities in the field of consulting. This is to reduce costs, raise performance levels and improve operations.

Within the field of healthcare there are various other possibilities for careers for graduates holding an MBA degree. Jobs like Database Supervisor, Department Manager, Human Resources Executive, Dietitian, Research Development Business Manager, Healthcare Service Director of Program Management, Nursing Management, Health Information Manager, Policy Researcher, Vice President of Clinical Services, Talent Acquisition Consultant, Oncology Coordinator, Revenue Management Analyst, Physician Relations Liaison, and Sourcing Executive are all excellent options with high salary opportunities. Many of the positions that you can enter into will also offer signing bonuses and other incentives like in the profession of Pharmaceutical Project Manager, Practice Manager, Hospital CEO, Health Provider IT Associate, Ambulatory Project Manager, Field Strategist, Hospital CFO, Operations Planner, Portfolio Manager, and Executive Compensation Consultant.