Healthcare Entry Level Jobs Your MBA Qualifies You For

Although entry level positions pay you entry level wages, choosing the right career path can guarantee you a certain level of salary once you reach the top. The healthcare industry certainly qualifies as one industry that can bring you some great financial advantages. Of course, there are qualifications other than salary to justify what makes a great career, and some of these are your interests and current qualifications for the position. There’s no point in applying for a job in an area that will make you unhappy or keep you from advancing due to lack of skills for that position. Fortunately, an MBA in the field of healthcare gives you a wide assortment of opportunities to choose from.

#1 Workplace Options

Throughout the varying number of positions where you can find work with your newly earned MBA degree, there are also many different sub-industries within the healthcare field that provide placement for entry level careers. Among these facilities there are hospitals providing a wide range of care, and calls for administrators in diagnostic services as well as specialty areas, such as oncology or pediatrics departments. Nursing homes, private GP offices, dental firms, homecare worker administration offices, optometrist clinics, podiatrist offices, occupational therapist clinics, audiologist offices, speech pathologists offices, and dietitian clinics all offer entry level positions to graduates.

#2 Health Informatics Manager

As a health informatics manager you would be based out of a hospital or other medical facility and manage the flow of data coming in and out. This means handling hardware and software of the computers within the organization for which you work and monitoring data to be sure that it is processing properly, and running at the most highly efficient level. Most informatics managers earn an average salary of around $84,000, although there may be a signing bonus and other incentives as well.

#3 Pharmaceutical Product Manager

One position that can land you with a rather potent starting salary is that of a pharmaceutical representative leading up to a pharmaceutical product manager. Wages start anywhere between $50,000 and $75,000 depending on the company that you work with, your current qualifications and, of course, the interpersonal skills that you bring to the workplace. In this position, you would spend time making “door to door” sales by visiting different hospitals and private clinics to provide information and samples on new products. This would mean a lot of travel in state as well as out of state in some cases, although many companies provide a vehicle, signing bonuses, and extensive training on the different products that you’ll be managing.

#4 Healthcare Administrator

One entry level position that you might find yourself in when you’re working from the bottom up is that of a healthcare administrator. This position will usually place you in a smaller facility like a family GP, or dental office and requires hours of 40-50 per week. This job requires patience and advanced interpersonal and communication skills for dealing with patients as well as finances. This is a managerial role in the office, and you will likely find yourself analyzing budgets, salary negotiations, tax documents, and other reports of a financial nature. Administrators in the healthcare industry have the potential to rise to the roles of supervisor and then manager through dedication and attention to detail.

#5 Health Insurance Manager

In the United States, insurance plays a huge role in the healthcare industry and this means that there are many supervisory and management roles for MBA students to fill in insurance. At large companies and hospitals, organization of insurance policies, financial administration duties, and supervision of insurance representatives are all a necessary areas where health insurance managers and supervisors may be posted to work.

#6 Human Resources Representative

Whether it’s a large facility or a small clinic human resources representatives must be present in order to monitor personnel, employee relations, and appropriate workplace behavior. Within the healthcare industry, areas of focus where you may find this type of position fall under the categories of dentist, chiropractor, dermatologist, and even alternative medicine fields like acupuncture.

An MBA degree in the field of healthcare offers analytical skills as well as financial and accounting knowledge. These, in combination with human resources and communication advancements, can give you an edge on the competition and provide you with the hands on training necessary to work your way to the top of your industry. The program gives you the information needed to follow trends in the industry and make high ranking decisions at a managerial level.