Top 25 Healthcare Management Careers & Jobs

As an MBA graduate in the field of healthcare there are many opportunities for employment within a highly successful and constantly growing industry. If you have good management skills and a background in business, finances, or healthcare then you might succeed in jobs such as Research and Development Business Manager, Healthcare Service Director of Program Management, Nursing Management, Vice President of Clinical Services, or a number of other positions.

Hospital Administrator

In the role of a hospital administrator you are expected to work quickly and efficiently to create and manage the budget, quality assurance policies, and hiring of physicians. Your job also entails maintaining government regulations and law compliance.

Talent Acquisition Consultant

As a talent acquisition consultant your role is to review and select candidates for positions throughout the healthcare facility through which you are employed. You’ll use human relations tools and strategies to choose the best qualified people for each position.

Oncology Coordinator

Within the oncology department your position has to do with the integration of specialties and programmatic alignment. You’ll be the person who ensures cost-efficient and high grade care throughout the team of healthcare employees within your department.

Revenue Management Analyst

This job entails educating departments involved in account management and computing clinical information for both inpatient and outpatient accounts to reduce the amount of denial.

Physician Relations Liaison

Working with patients and doctors as a liaison between both worlds means speaking as an advocate of the community to build relationships and promote services. This job requires a lot of customer service.

Sourcing Executive

A sourcing executive is expected to reduce supply chain costs while delivering contracting strategies and monitoring sourcing resources.

Pharmaceutical Project Manager

MBA graduates make wonderful pharmaceutical project managers because of their ability to properly analyze investments and understand market information. These skills make it easier to work in the promotional development of drugs and proactively demonstrate leadership in your field.

Practice Manager

Practice managers deal with operations within small medical offices and private clinics. These positions operate much the way that a hospital administrator operates except on a smaller scale. This means handling things like billing, budgeting, hiring, scheduling, and orders.

Hospital CEO

If you enjoy leading large crews and handling lots of responsibility then you may be suited for a position as a hospital CEO. This job includes directing, organizing operations, planning, budgeting, negotiating contracts and studying financial reports, among many other things.

Health Provider IT Associate

Working as a health provider IT associate you’ll be expected to develop and organize corresponding strategies and execute those correspondence strategies in an ever changing industry.

Field Strategist

If you’re a strategic thinker with a background in sales and customer service with an MBA in healthcare then this is a good position for you. This is a customer-related career in that you’ll be the link between clients and medical personnel on a technological level, designing and operating the platform that delivers feedback as well as other strategic projects.

Hospital CFO

As the CFO of a hospital you’ll be in charge of streamlining finances for the facility so that the most cost effective practice is in effect. You’ll manage risk, plan for future financial issues and organize records.

Operations Planner

MBA graduates working in the role of operations planner will work closely with client leadership teams and lead studies in research and analysis of contemporary healthcare trends.

Portfolio Manager

Portfolio managers and technical strategists work closely to provide program development in marketing by promoting strategic leadership within the technical and financial departments. You’ll be expected to support and give guidance to technical, as well as managerial teams.

Executive Compensation Consultant

Graduates who pursue careers in the field of Executive Compensation Consultant will ensure executives and human resources partners are informed on matters of compensation and counseling. You’ll be expected to support and assist in development and design of company programs.

Ambulatory Project Manager

As an Ambulatory Project Manager you’ll design and develop project management activities within the ambulatory program, coordinating and supporting the training and training team as well as assisting in the gathering and distribution of logistics and materials for training.


MBA healthcare graduates are a great fit for many entrepreneurial roles. Many professionals find niches within the healthcare market where there is money to be made, whether it is through offering a new product or service.

Policy Researcher

If research is your area of expertise than a policy researcher is the right role for you, and with an MBA in healthcare you’ll ease into the policy testing, reforms, and research tasks quite easily.

Healthcare Business Consultant

In the role of a healthcare business consultant you’ll be expected to find faults within the business and after assessment and preparation make recommendations for improvements to increase operational efficiency.

Health Policy Analyst

Through specialized training in legal regulations and hospital policies as well as economics you will be in charge of a variety of health policies and work on the subtleties within those policies to create more affordable healthcare with better access from citizens.

Heath Information Manager

In the role of a health information manager you’ll likely find work within a hospital or other large healthcare institutions and manage the flow of information through organization, computer coordination, and data management. Careers in this field make roughly $84,000 on average although this may change from state to state.