Georgia MBA Healthcare Degrees

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Healthcare Management and Master of Health Administration (MHA) are graduate degrees that aspiring senior managers in the healthcare industry often want to accomplish. Thus, the curriculum of such programs, while having a number of variations, will always include certain topics, such as leadership strategies, managing the healthcare organization, managing the financial aspects of the healthcare business, managing healthcare information systems, etc. If you hope to take on a position of senior management in the field of health care, then it is important to obtain either the MHA or the MBA in Healthcare Administration degree because it provides you with an edge and the capability that organizations are looking for.

Salary and Job Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has found that the median salary for healthcare managers who have a bachelor’s degree was $94,500 per year as of May 2015. Meanwhile, those who have a master’s degree are expected to earn more, is this is by as much as $15,000 more. In Georgia, there are approximately 7,360 healthcare managers. This is lower than states like Michigan and Pennsylvania, but higher than states like Wyoming and Montana. Their annual salary is between $99,970 and $110,330. This is higher than states like Idaho and Tennessee, but lower than states like Hawaii and Alaska. According to the BLS, healthcare managers can expect to see a 17% rise in demand from 2014 to 2024, which is much faster than the rate for most other occupations. It is believed that this growth is sustainable because the number of elderlies is on the rise, just like with the rest of the country, and the people are experiencing more complex healthcare needs. In addition, the Affordable Care Act has made it necessary for healthcare organizations to look for managers who are capable of reducing expenses while making sure that the quality of care provided does not decline.

If you want to study towards an MBA in Healthcare Management, or towards an MHA, it is very important that you find the right school for you and that you evaluate the different options. Below are the four best MBA in Healthcare Management programs available in Georgia that you may want to consider. It is recommended to contact at least three schools before making the decision on where to enroll.

1. University of Georgia – Terry College of Business

The University of Georgia recognizes the fact that the health care industry is growing at an unprecedented pace, both in terms of spending and job creation. As a result, there is now a demand for professionals who understand both the health care industry and the world of business. Hence, they have developed the MBA concentration in Healthcare Management, which provides students with an interdisciplinary, unique approach to healthcare as a business. It combines coursework from the College of Public Health and the Terry College of Business, ensuring that graduates understand the structures of the healthcare industry, while at the same time being well-versed in data analytics and management, risk management, finance, negotiations, leadership, and business strategies.

Graduates of the program have started some very high profile careers, working for companies like Johnson & Johnson, Kaiser Permanente, Eli Lilly, Deloitte Consulting, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Premier, Inc., and Emory Healthcare, working in various positions, such as performance partner, territory manager, account manager, consultant, and administrative fellow.

• Campus: Athens, GA and Atlanta, GA
• Type: Public
• Accreditation: AACSB
• Tuition: $16,132 per year for Georgia residents and $34,450 per year for non-Georgia residents
• Minimum time commitment: Two years
• Online availability: No
• Degree requirements: Resume, two professional references, transcripts, GMAT/GRE, TOEFL/IELTS if applicable, essays.
• Programs: MBA with a Concentration in Healthcare Management
• School Site: Tuition and Financial Aid

2. Georgia State University

Georgia State University is committed to helping people become the best executive managers within both business organizations and the health care industry. They achieve this by creating a curriculum that pragmatically applies various theoretical concepts to the world of health care management.

• Campus: Atlanta, GA
• Type: Public
• Accreditation: CAHME
• Tuition: $38,400 for Georgia residents and $89,400 for non-Georgia residents
• Minimum time commitment: 67.5 credit hours
• Online availability: No
• Degree requirements: GMAT/GRE, transcripts, essays, resume, letters of recommendation, interview
• Programs: Dual Degree Master of Business Administration/Master of Health Administration
• School Site: Tuition and Financial Aid

3. Valdosta State University – Langdale College of Business Administration

Valdosta State University offers an MBA/HCAD (Master of Business Administration in Health Care Administration) degree that is available fully online. It is a 36 hour business program that does not require a thesis, leading to an MBA degree specializing in Health Care Administration. During the program, medical professions who want to leave the clinical field, or business professionals who want to enter the medical field, are provided with the knowledge and skills they require to achieve this.

• Campus: Valdosta, GA
• Type: Public
• Accreditation: AACSB
• Tuition: $293 per credit hour or $879 per three hour course
• Minimum time commitment: 36 credit hours
• Online availability: Yes
• Degree requirements: Transcripts, GMAT/GRE, MBA supplemental application, resume, prerequisite courses
• Programs: Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Administration
• School Site: Tuition and Financial Aid

4. Clayton State University

Clayton State University offers a Master in Health Administration, where students can grow personally, as well as advance their career. This is achieved by:

• Using media on an off campus to improve their abilities, knowledge, and skills
• Learning about conceptual and theoretical frameworks that can be applied in real life situations
• Learning about leadership in nonprofit, profit, public, and private organizations within the field of health care
• Taking part in residencies in the community
• Writing a thesis that focuses on improving the way care or resources are used in health care

The program aims to foster an interdisciplinary network of health professionals, which include clinicians and non-clinical staff. By working together, they can gain the necessary skills to solve the issues facing health care organizations today. Graduates are ready to take on higher positions of leadership, helping to grow their career well past the entry level. The program is designed for those who, whatever their background, want to move into health administration. Overall, the goal of the program is also to improve the way resources and care are used within health organizations.

Graduates are respected for their skills in independent thinking. They are also highly ethical thinkers as required in the global environment. Additionally, they have superior skills in health administration, finance, and economics, and are committed to promoting overall health.

The MHA program is quite unique in its delivery, and graduates are very widely sought after in the work place. They are often found in different organizations, taking on positions of leadership. Many also take on positions with health care NGOs, mainly due to the fact that there is such a strong focus on the ethical elements of health care.

• Campus: Morrow, GA
• Type: Public
• Accreditation: CAHME
• Tuition: $682 per credit hour for in state students and $1,367 per credit hour for out of state students.
• Minimum time commitment: 45 credit hours
• Online availability: No
• Degree requirements: Bachelor’s degree, GMAT/GRE, three letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, GPA of 3.0 minimum
• Programs: Master of Health Administration
• School Site: Tuition and Financial Aid