25 Reasons Why You Should Get Your MBA In Healthcare

The future of healthcare is very promising, as it is expected to be one of the biggest industries in the future. With the passing of the Affordable Care Act, every individual in the country will be seeking health care in some form or another. Here are some very valid reasons why you should seriously consider getting a Healthcare MBA:

  1. Advance Your Career: If you are already a healthcare employee with a background in science, medicine, engineering or IT, you may be expected to step up into a managerial role. An MBA grooms you for upper management.
  2. A Booming Industry: The field of medical and health service management is expected to grow by 23% between the years of 2012 and 2022.
  3. An Excellent Career Path: The healthcare field has some of the hottest careers in the world today. The field is wide open.
  4. Demand Higher Pay: Holders of MBAs usually are able to demand a higher salary than those who do not.
  5. Enhance Your Skills: The skills you learn with an MBA are highly transferable from one field to the next.
  6.  Learn the Art of Networking: Networking is a valuable skill that will allow you to build strong relationships with local business and community leaders.
  7. Switch Your Career: Become an effective manager and learn a whole new set of opportunities and find an entirely new career path because of it.
  8. Start Your Own Business: Venture off and start your own business. You’ll have the skills and knowledge to turn your own dreams into a reality.
  9. Work Internationally: Work in the international field as well as locally. Some companies place so much value of the quality of your MBA that they may even pay your relocation fees.
  10. Become a Senior Manager in Your Company: Your MBA is a first step towards a career in upper management.
  11. Become a Leader: On your way to becoming a senior manager you can start by becoming a leader in the areas where you are already working.
  12. Gain Allies in Your Company: Develop and enhance your interpersonal skills that will help you to forge positive relationships with powerful people in your industry.
  13. Have a Great Lifestyle: With a higher salary, connections in place, and a new career on the horizon you can begin to enjoy the life that you worked so hard to attain.
  14. Move to a More Stable Company: If the company you’re working for is on shaky ground you are now in a position to move to a better and more stable company.
  15. Survive Corporate Layoffs: Often when a company is struggling financially lower level employees are the first to be cut. With Your MBA you no longer have to worry too much about layoffs.
  16. Get Recognized Globally: Because an MBA is recognized the world over your degree will be a door to unlimited opportunities.
  17. Develop Many Useful Skills: The courses you complete with your MBA give you a strong background in all areas of business regardless of your specialty.
  18. Get a Job in the Government: You MBA can open up a career in government or in the public sector.
  19. Work in a Charitable Organization: If your goal is not to make a profit you can work as a manager in a charitable organization.
  20. Work in Research and Development: with a background in healthcare management you can enter the specialized field of research and development.
  21. Become a Health Information Manager: you’ll know how to manage sensitive data and control the information flow of your organization.
  22. Become a Consultant: work with client companies to do organizational studies and evaluations.
  23. Work as a Hospital CEO: as the head of the hospital you can take charge of directing, planning, and organizations of all sections of your company.
  24. Hospital CFO: make your business the most cost efficient organization possible. You’ll be responsible for managing all the financial aspects of your company.
  25. Pharmaceutical Project Manager: Use your marketing and health background to analyze investments, review market data, and develop promotional plans for drugs.

Whether you are already employed in the healthcare industry or you’ve set that as your goal getting your MBA in this industry is a sure way for you to get the skills you need to further your career.