How Cloud Technology Is Changing Healthcare

Innovations in technology are changing the world, and nowhere is this more the case than in health care. Digital advances now make it possible for us to use portable electronic devices to access our medical data, to watch our blood pressure and heart rate, take medical tests in the home and to do many types of medical related checks.

In some areas of the country it is possible also to download directly your laboratory reports and medical records. This was unthinkable in the past. And anyone with the money can have your genome scanned or sequenced. It also is possible to do basic DNA testing with kits that are available on the Internet.

Here are some other ways that technology is transforming healthcare:

  • Managing data to provide better treatment – IBM researchers have created a supercomputer that can help doctors to provide better diagnoses and recommend better treatments. Doctors may be able to rely on this computer and ones like it to better track patient history, stay current on research and analyze superior treatments.

  • Allow doctors to communicate with their patients better – There are now apps and software available that allow doctors to speak into the computer or smartphone and to translate that message into another language. This could be very useful in the US, as there are 45 million residents who do not speak English well. This could help doctors to ask important medical related info to patients.

  • Keep patients healthier – There are now many more mobile apps that help patients to stay more active, sleep better, and eat a better balanced diet. One of those is Fitbit, which is a pedometer that tracks sleep and daily activity. It also uses social networks and games to keep you motivated.

Clearly, technology is transforming healthcare and is being used to help us to live better lives. Future innovations in health care technology are on the way as well, and they will help us to live longer and better.