MBA In Healthcare Management vs MHA Administration

When you’ve made the decision to pursue an advanced degree in healthcare, you’ve made a major life choice. Your next step is to carefully consider your options and decide which path you’re going to take. In order to do this you need to understand the career path you plan to take and the necessary steps you must make to get there. This is especially true for those in pursuit of an advanced degree in healthcare. Understanding the differences between an MBA or an MHA is your first step.

The Benefits of an MHA

If your past studies had a concentration in the area of business, then your MHA will focus those studies on the business of healthcare. If your future goals are to become a healthcare administrator, learning the intricacies of this industry through a course of study that leads to an MHA can prepare you for the unique challenges of being a senior manager in the healthcare industry.

When you pursue your MHA you will have to acquire knowledge in a wide number of disciplines. In addition to the basic business skills, you’ll also need to master subjects like accounting, market research, management skills, and demonstrate strong leadership qualities at the same time. It is a certainty that an MHA will require you to open your mind to a vast variety of topics of which you will have to excel in them all.

On the other hand, if your education up to this point is grounded in medicine, nursing, or another health field, an MHA will put you in line for many upper level management opportunities. With your previous background and experience you are already in an enviable position to take on leadership roles in many different areas in the field of healthcare.

The Benefits of an MBA

For those who pursue an MBA the emphasis will be on applying practical skills in management. Graduates with an MBA will be able to pursue some of the best business opportunities and employ their acquired leadership skills to enhance a higher quality patient care.

The main focus of the MBA in healthcare management is to prepare students for higher positions in senior level healthcare. The skills a student will require will include everything from risk management, financing, creating a healing health care environment and workforce efficiency.

Those who successfully complete their course of study for an MBA will be able to pursue a degree in all healthcare sectors both public and private. They will be qualified to work in hospitals, clinics, senior homes, medical colleges, and government hospitals.

As you can see, it can be very confusing to tell the difference between the two. They both have a strong concentration in healthcare management. Therefore, before you can choose between the two, you need to know the career direction you choose to take. If you are certain that you will remain in the healthcare industry then experts recommend that you pursue the MHA, but if you’re not sure, then the MBA is a much easier degree to utilize in other fields.

In essence, an MBA will transfer to other industries across the board while an MHA will only be practical for those in the healthcare industry. So, a person with an MBA can at some point in their future transfer the skills they acquire to Information Technology or Finance if they choose to.

Whatever degree you choose, once completed you will be in an enviable position to avail yourself of numerous opportunities placed before you. In short, if you find yourself unable to make a decision remember that whatever your choice, you’ll end up with a highly lucrative career that will carry you for the rest of your life.